L Ron Hubbard LRH

L Ron Hubbard LRH – a creator of something superhuman like Dianetics and Scientology of off cause causal as a superhuman beyond superman.

LRH Hubbard Scientology

L Ron Hubbard LRH

He is really out of himself as the old Greece spells para nous beside himself, and yet also pretty paranoid to. L RonScientology Hubbard LHR Hubbard LRH

Church of Scientology tried destroy Paulette Cooper

How the church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper By Tony Ortega – The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.  A Good book with a lot of spine behind.

LRH Scientology L Ron Hubbard by OT

Scientology as defined by the ex users is an important aspect of it all. Since that population probably is the worlds most knowing populations in the adverse effects of Scientology and topics nearby as Dianetics and the author L Ron Hubbard or LRH.


2 thoughts on “L Ron Hubbard LRH

  1. Scientology l Ron Hubbard Dianetics by David Miscavige E-Meter Auditing Scientologists OT

    You are mental completely fucking mental.
    or i was one before anonymous boot posting in the state of ..


    1. Thank you David Miscavidge!
      That meant all to me & juice is the orange in reaching to that point of having a tunnel-sight in time. I guess the topics awakens small persons large comments style. Scientology Dianetics and so on seems to have very aggressive participants that act by suppressing other persons by the style you demonstrate above.


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