Lafayette Ron Hubbard LRH

Lafayette Ron Hubbard  or L Ron Hubbard or simply just LRH. The founder of the company Scientology that has a high monetary incitement of label itself as Religion not only due to tax reasons. But som much more ….

L Ron Hubbard many faces

L Ron Hubbard as the stratocaster to Scientologists puppet on a string – hypnotically yours.

L Ron Hubbard LRH

Screwing a string – in order to stratocast his order of master disorder


Stratocast not castrorater not the castrater said the tellers from the Pizza Communista camp. Just the bread crumb in the bottom with some tomato sausage upon, as the mild thing of the acid in the milky way to made it granulate, cheesus

on top.

L Ron Hubbard objective

L Ron Hubbard collecting the L Ron Hubbard objective as the bioenergetics from central point, and sources of the driving point probably is the light getting caught by his dark objective.  Making a documentary on this objective is hard since Scientology objects by the Scientologist


-in chorus of the tunnel sight from microscope to telescope-

-as the bullet in bulletin –

-canon canon –


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