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Not being into Scientology to start with and yet starting to write about Scientology, Scientologists, Dianetics and all the things associated with L Ron Hubbard has not only been interesting but also surprising. 3 of the blogs we have collaborated with has been erased and this came really as a surprise! Not a warning, not a sign! Just erased they was! And one Twitter account was suspended without anything else than all of the blogs and the twitter was very visible in a search & critical to Scientology.

makeups & striptease of reality in the disconnection

And yes, linking to top resources in the topic to.

Things that might be irritating to someone, got it. The topic Scientology in itself is not to funny eighter so it is really easy to understandable that it is mostly populated with ex-scientologist and those who can make money out of it, or both,

Having linked and talked about a petition we where surprised that the writer of the petition to reinvestigate the tax exempt of Scientology did not use the strongest pages he himself had by his side.

Probably the best and strongest pages to use, that really directly would find the largest mass of the interested public that also has a very high potential knowledge of the topics. So he got several questions why he did not use his strongest pages to link to the petition he himself was the author to. No answer directly.

After a while came a twitter msg that he could not login or found the shellcode to the mussel of the oyster, or the ability to login to clambake and the Scientology writings on where he had one question waiting for him. Ok, his browser did not aloud him to login to OCMB, that could happen…

I myself asked at his blog and time went by….

then he answered the comment without any visible attempt or will to answer the original question why he did not used his own strong card to reach the probably most interested individuals to sign the petition he himself wrote… Strange.

Then we had already made a Soundcloud example on how he could use the account of his own to link and amplify the visibility of the petition. and pointed out that this might be an example of how to get a higher visibility in his petition about to reinvestigate the IRS Tax exempt of the Church of Scientology. With a lot of links to different parts of the topics and his own soundcloud.

Then came a mail asking why i had stolen his works and put it up on Soundcloud.

Well, Dear Author of the Petition and bloger about Scientology, you might be drunk and can get sober, but having so difficult to answer a single question straight is strange…. and cant not even login to answer, that’s also strange. But when claiming a theft when just adding his works to a playlist from an account that basically just links to the petition he himself wrote, there it’s stop being odd and starts getting really sick.

Maybe a sober time will come

Or is this a leftover behavior sign of the Homo Novis shit and strangely odd things that shows why Scientologists is might be remarkable special even after quitting the cult in being perceived as nonchalant & arrogant to a much higher degree than in any other cult membership?


Well we had talked a lot and linked to his website, the petition and made and example of how he himself could do to be visible from his big own account that he did not used, and not even answered any question about why he wrote a petition without using his strongest pages to link to it and still haven’t answered. Probably it is much  easier to claim that other that just helps him and his petition steals his material and that wont help the petition at all, hmm that’s true and what about you?

He probably will do everything else than answer to the original question and still haven’t been able to login, so the next question would come very natural, is it any strange at all that members of Scientology as Ex Scientologist is the most nonchalant and arrogant population among the ex cult members? And does this in itself being secondary dependent on a Homo Novis angle that is hard to get out of and old dog and its dogma?

Or is it more to be consider to be a mental paranoia of perceiving it theft when other has added ones own work to their playlist.  It does not seems to be the typical signs of normal behavior or the starting signs of senility however.

Shell Fish Shell Code

But anyway a very odd and never thought of starting article it made….

Haillies Selassie My Caesar Augustine!  Nice to know that Scientology and its Scientologist are not the only one who can behave like nonchalant and ignorant to those who just trying to help… Yes and the effect  can actually be measured and not knowing is no excuse to behave like Pope and baptizing other to thief’s. Attack instead of answer that Scientology!  And erased the question you did. And silent obeying the leading thing, so Scientology…

….with plenty of crackpot, on LSD Scientology combo?… but for a months in a row? Time to get sober?


If one can not raise a question

or questioning a truth, that what can one do in a cult or an anti-cult?

But obey the leader in silence?


Scientology Hubbard LHR

L Ron Hubbard LRH

L Ron Hubbard LRH – a creator of something superhuman like Dianetics and Scientology of off cause causal as a superhuman beyond superman.

LRH Hubbard Scientology

L Ron Hubbard LRH

He is really out of himself as the old Greece spells para nous beside himself, and yet also pretty paranoid to. L RonScientology Hubbard LHR Hubbard LRH

Church of Scientology tried destroy Paulette Cooper

How the church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper By Tony Ortega – The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.  A Good book with a lot of spine behind.

LRH Scientology L Ron Hubbard by OT

Scientology as defined by the ex users is an important aspect of it all. Since that population probably is the worlds most knowing populations in the adverse effects of Scientology and topics nearby as Dianetics and the author L Ron Hubbard or LRH.

Lafayette Ron Hubbard LRH

Lafayette Ron Hubbard  or L Ron Hubbard or simply just LRH. The founder of the company Scientology that has a high monetary incitement of label itself as Religion not only due to tax reasons. But som much more ….

L Ron Hubbard many faces

L Ron Hubbard as the stratocaster to Scientologists puppet on a string – hypnotically yours.

L Ron Hubbard LRH

Screwing a string – in order to stratocast his order of master disorder


Stratocast not castrorater not the castrater said the tellers from the Pizza Communista camp. Just the bread crumb in the bottom with some tomato sausage upon, as the mild thing of the acid in the milky way to made it granulate, cheesus

on top.

L Ron Hubbard objective

L Ron Hubbard collecting the L Ron Hubbard objective as the bioenergetics from central point, and sources of the driving point probably is the light getting caught by his dark objective.  Making a documentary on this objective is hard since Scientology objects by the Scientologist


-in chorus of the tunnel sight from microscope to telescope-

-as the bullet in bulletin –

-canon canon –