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Contact future event from the base of memory – and showing the connections of faith in gravity of reality – how past times rule future by leading factors in attentive.

understanding the underlays of streaming ways.


Scientology History of written meaning

Understand the new word Scientology by clearing the statements from the first appearance in the dictionary of the written words from history of mankind.

Scientology the new word

 All this is not really science, but only Scientology.

It is language. It is the magic lullaby in which the

shapes of things melt and reshape themselves forever.

And so, when we would try to stop that wheel

we call the mind, and look between the spokes, at

once the All-Thing in its turn begins to spin about

us, and all which it contains to slide and glide away

The New Word By Allen Upward 1901

the first time the word “Scientology” was written in a book in any library in the history of mankind.

Scientology History New Word Upward

Please contact history before going to future or you have no reflection at all.

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